2019 - 2020
8-channel audio, spotlights, chairs
excerpt: 09:24 min
if possible, please use headphones

Moment is based on the research and audiovisual records collected and archived by the Polish-Ukrainian ethnographer and musician Volodymyr Perzhylo during his ethnographic expeditions over the years 1970 and 1990. The collection of reels and tapes is devoted to Ukrainian history, culture ‒ music, folk songs and traditional dances. At the same time, it is an archive of moments – meetings between an ethnographer and a performer.

The idea for the project was developed during a SoundID* residency that took place in Carpathian mountains in Ukraine in August 2019. In following months, the project evolved into an installation piece.

It focuses on audio traces revealing the context of recordings: where the sound was recorded, what was the surrounding, what was happening in the room next door, what has happened before and after the performance; who participated at that moment, what was the recording technique?

Structure of sounds consists of overheard, accidentally recorded or background sounds. Spatial situation refers to the intimate moment of recording ‒ a time Volodymyr Perzhylo has spent in villages and towns, very often visiting performers in their houses, common rooms or familiar places.

*SoundID – is an artistic residency, research and exhibition of artists coming from eastern Europe organized by Dream Projects – Interdisciplinary Center of Art and Culture Development (UA). Audio and video recordings collected by Volodymyr Perzchylo are digitalized and accessible in the online archive.

Many thanks to Victoria Danelyan, Tetiana Tsvilodub, Tetiana Pylypchuk, Tereza Yakovyna.

SoundID residency – project presentation in Bybirka, Lviv, Kiev – 2019

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