12 RPM

2019 - 2020
6-channel audio; mirror sheet
excerpt: 7:52 min
if possible, please use headphones

„ (…) The Unity as Fundamental Comprising and containing all in it felf. And thus the One Ground Note or bufs contains in it felf all the whole Scale above it: not only the Artificial Scale but all as high we can imagine. An its Tone is an Aggregate of them all; as the roaring of the Sea is made up of the noife of each particular Wave contain’d in it. Out of the Bafs than all the other Notes proceed, as a Birth from it; and together make up its adequate proportion and Image.”

In: A New Theory of MUSICK. An article from the Theosophical Transactions of the Philadelphian Society, nr. 1, March 1697.

12rpm is a study on a wind farm and its visual and audible features. New qualities of a soundscape and a landscape are caused by the repetitive rotation of a 42,5 m long blade, with a speed ranging from 9 to 19 per minute (rpm). Audio and video footages were recorded in the area of Golice ‒ a village in western Poland, that I pass by on the way to my hometown since the childhood ‒ where within the last 6 years, 19 wind turbines were built.

Installation was inspired by the sounding of sea waves as described in the book „A New Theory of MUSICK” (The author’s identity is obscure). Airborne and structure-borne sounds of a turbine are stratified into frequency bands and structured into a multi-channel piece.

Medienhaus UdK Berlin – 2020

Music Song